The Institute of Process Improvement and Leadership Development (TIPILD)

We are a professional membership association that focuses on process improvement and leadership development professions.


Green Belt

Green Belt training introduces one to process improvement tools. This training focuses on an A3 way of thinking …

Black Belt

The Black Belt training applies the basic principles of an A3 but explores it further to identify the action items …

Process Mapping

This is a visual demonstration of all the steps and decisions in a particular process …

Executive Leadership

Our leadership training helps foster employee engagement, encourages idea and innovation development at all organizational levels. It also highlights …

Our Mission

TIPILD trains and coaches both corporate and government employees at all levels (legislative, executive and judiciary) to improve the way government works. Using creative innovation, employees do more with less and enhance their experience in their respective cities, states and countries. Equipping our leaders of today with current leadership tools to making informed decisions.

Our Vision

TIPILD – making changes in governance from bottom up and improving employees experience through effective leadership.

Our Values

Our professional resources focus on delivering value to professionals working in diverse areas and in every city, state, and country in the world. We focus on career success and how to improve current processes using Lean methodology.

TIPILD focuses on process improvement and leadership development. TIPILD looks at the existing structure and discerns what’s working and what’s not working. TIPILD provides a future state from the current state by analyzing existing gaps.

Measurable Outcome

Achieving measurable outcomes via continuous improvement.


The ability to make modern-day cities, states, and countries as efficient as possible.


Patience & Impatience

Patience with people and impatience with processes.



Supporting colleagues to innovate.



Failure; because failure leads to breakthrough.



Vulnerability leadership.


Building trust via constant communication.


Inspirational & Influential

Inspiring and influencing people; exhibiting transparency.


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